kerberos72 (kerberos72) wrote in sanegreekrecons,

Well, time to clean out the personal library. If you're interested in any of the following books, please let me know:

Old Stones, New Temples. Drew Campbell. $10.
Greek Religion. Burkert. $10.
Greek Way of Life. Garland. $7.
Greek Way of Death. Garland. $7.
Handbook to Life in Ancient Greece. Adkins/Adkins. $10.
Greek Folk Religion. Nilsson. $5.
Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic World. $7.
Witchraft and Magic in Europe: Ancient Greece and Rome. $7.
Triumph of the Moon. Hutton. $7.
The New Pagans. Holzer. $5.
Pagan and Christian Mysteries. Joseph Campbell. $5.
Violence and the Sacred, Girard. $5.
Pagans and Christians, DeZerenga. $5.
Sallustius: Concerning the Gods and the Universe. $5.
Cicero, The Nature of the Gods. $5.
Magic in the ancient World. Graf. $7.
Ancient Mystery Cults, Burkert. $5.
World of Athens. The Joint Association of Classical Teachers. $10.
Athenian Popular Religion. Mikalson. $7
Prologomena to the Study of Greek Religion, Harrison. $7.
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