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Workshops continued.  The grave gets deeper.

In a few weeks I'll be giving a one to two hour workshop to other Pagans about Hellenism at the local Pagan club on campus.

I'm just so torn as to what to talk about.  A few years ago a Hellenist gave a presentation there that I absolutely drooled over, but others have said since then that they thought it was too dry and boring, as he talked about theology from a more philosophical point of view.

The way I see it, there are a couple of ways to give a workshop about Hellenism to non-Hellenist Pagans.

a)  The material.  How our ritual works, what tools and symbols we use, a FAQ about Hellenism.
b)  The spiritual.  What deities are worshipped, examples of festivals, offerings and libations, the afterlife.
c)  The philosophical.  Ethics, polytheism, Neo-Platonism, Stoicism, how Hellenism differs from other Pagan faiths.
d)  The personal.  Anecdotal account of my own spiritual journey, things I have been found to be true, open discussion about the Hellenic Gods.

And of course, there could be a compilation of all these.

I'm not a great public speaker.  I'm the kinda person who likes organizing things from behind the scenes, not being up front listening to the sound of my own voice.  I'm afraid that I'll put people to sleep.  Open discussion isn't really the vibe of this seminar, it's supposed to be me being the teacher and all that.

Have any of you done anything like this?  Did you find any websites or articles helpful to you on the subject?  I'd like to know what aspects of Hellenism you focused on and how it went.
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