Daeron Runesmith (daeron) wrote in sanegreekrecons,
Daeron Runesmith

Dadoukhoi resource center - contributions requested

We (the Dadoukhoi) are currently in the process of developing an
information resource center for Hellenismos on the web. Once we have
it processed to a reasonable extent, we plan to post the URL here and
in other places. It will allow for a one stop shop for learning about
Hellenismos for beginners and also for people who are not new but wish to learn more
about certain topics--plus room for discussions on the information.
With any luck, this new resource center can grow and become a valuable
place online for learning and for interacting more with the Hellenic
community. Once we are done, it will be both a database and an
"agora", if you will, for Hellenists to meet and discuss everything
from the basics about the gods to the Mysteries.

Right now, we are looking for people who have links, booklists, and
original essays online who would like to contribute to the project.
If you should have any, please email me with them privately or to this
list and we will put them up.

We hope that you can help us to make this place grow! I look forward
to sharing the URL when we are finished, and hope to have it complete
within the next week or so.
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