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Hellenic reconstructionism and marriage (crossposted)

Here's a topic which I don't see happening very often, perhaps because many of us are either a) too young to be thinking about it or b) are already married, but what's a conservative Greek reconstructionist to do in order to be true to the practice and faith if one decides to get married?

Of course, if you're free to do with the ceremony as you want there's probably not much issue. Write up the ritual, get an ordained pagan-friendly or Hellenic priest to perform it, and voila.

But what if it's a mixed marriage? I imagine that orthodox Jews and Christians go through similar struggles, and either don't marry outside their faith, force the other person to convert, or risk compromising their ideals. However, the likelihood of it being a mixed marriage for a Greek reconstructionist is pretty damned good. Even if you found someone whom at the very least was a polytheist, what's the probability of them being a Hellenist, let alone a Greek reconstructionist--let alone a Greek reconstructionist who is at least as strict as you?

At what point would you be able to compromise in having a Greek recon appropriate ceremony without heading to divorce court before you walk down the aisle? :) Of course, I would love to hear about other people's views on Hellenic marriage both then and now as well for the sake of knowing how people feel about reconstructing EVERYTHING that was involved in such a wedding.
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