kerberos72 (kerberos72) wrote in sanegreekrecons,

As requested by a little birdie... fundies will be offended

I'll say it now. You're all going to burn in Tartaros. Tartaros, the place reserved for those who have laid the ultimate smackdown on the Gods. You're going there when you pass.

You disrespect the Mysteries, claiming "we can't possibly understand them" because we don't have enough info about them. Uhm, hi, that's why they're called "mysteries". The follower must figure out the path. And if they're dead, well, then it's up to us to rediscover them. And we can do that without your pontificating, thanks.

You disrespect magicians and diviners, screaming that they falsely claim to be able to know the will of the Gods, but in the same breath you say the Gods don't want or need mystery cults or diviners. Worse, you claim to know the true way of the Gods, and run from the rest of us because we don't follow your "truth". Huh. Know the will of the Gods much?

You disrespect those who don't go "by the books" and incorporate Eastern philosophy, modern paganism, shamanism, and other "not Greek" aspects into the worship of the Gods. Yet your by the books rendition of an ancient Greek religion leads to a lot of thought, and not much action. Maybe Taoism, animism, meditation, and sacred circles weren't distinctly Greek, but at least we're not afraid to try something new to enrich our religious lives. You, on the other hand, spend hours waxing philosophical about the nature of the Gods you claim to worship, but you never get off your asses and worship. You also forget that many of the Gods, including your precious Dionysos, Cybele, Aphrodite, et al, WERE IMPORTS! That's right folks, they were imports from other EASTERN cultures and made to fit into the Greek pantheon. Why can't we do the same today?

You disrespect those who feel a calling to specific Gods. You tell us we're deluded, self-important, or plain arrogant. Then you turn around, yes you, and say "I refuse to pray to all of the Gods because They are not all worhty of my worship." Who is arrogant? Who is deluded? Do you think the Gods are going to complain about one guy trying to create a Mystery cult to Ares when we have so many knuckleheads who refuse to even prey to Him? Maybe I am self-important. But a least I understand the nature of reciprocity! It's not about what the Gods have done for you, but what you have done for the Gods.

You disrespect the fact that some of us try to bring the religion into 2005. You scoff at us and say "we aren't real recons". And then in the same breath you decry animal sacrifice, disrespect the Gods, and do about a hundred things that aren't even closely Greek. Worse, you can't even understand the values like eusebia, xenia, philanthropia, agon, time', and a million other values which were part and parcel of Greek religion. You justify it by saying "well it's impactical". Tough. Don't go blathering out of both sides of your mouth, it only displays your glaring ignorance and stupidity.

You disrespect those of us who use the word "relgion". You cry "oh, that's a Christian word". You disrespect the word "pagan". You cry "oh, it's a Wiccan word". And? He who shouts the loudest isn't always right. But since that's the Fundie way of doing things, guess you let them win. You hate yourselves.

You disrespect our habits, lifestyle choices, and hobbies. Excuse me? Who died and made you the arbiter of what I can do in my spare time? I especially laugh at your complete disdain of role-playing games. You, who are not intelligent enough to tell fact from fiction, cry because some of us engage in what essentially boils down to one of the oldest past-times... ACTING. Which, I might add, was sacred to several Gods.

I could go on, but I have limited space. I wil conclude with my deepest hopes that you enjoy whatever tortures the Gods will come up with for your utter disrespect for Them. That and a really nice "PPPPPPHHHHHHTTTTTTHHHHHHH!!!!!"

*end rant*
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