The Apollonian Hermetic Maenad (kyrene) wrote in sanegreekrecons,
The Apollonian Hermetic Maenad

Magic and theurgy in Hellenismos

I have the feeling that a lot of you might be interested in this emailing list:

This group is being created for the purpose of researching and developing a system of magic that is completely compatible with Hellenismos, or Greek polytheistic reconstructionism, and is for the intent and purpose of honoring the gods. Theurgy is a Greek term meaning spiritual magic, or magic with divine interaction.

Things which we hope to accomplish:

1) To develop a system of magic that will include ritualistic prayer, meditation, as a means of beneficial, spiritual practice

2) To create a system free from the modern, often Christian and Freemasonic influenced systems such as Wicca, the Golden Dawn, and Thelema

3) To use academic resources whenever possible, and to only use more modern resources when lacking the info at present

4) To realize that research is always subject to change, that new information is being unearthed all of the time and that we may have to change and revise things later--in other words, that this system will be fluid and we will be open to correction

What we hope to avoid:

1) A system of magic which is hubristic, ie., commands the gods, uses only personal power, or is for the sole intent of gaining powers or skills beyond the human means

2) A system of magic that does NOT pay the gods the due honors and respects that they so richly deserve

3) A system of magic that treats the gods as objects, "batteries", or tools for the sole purpose of doing magic for magic's sake

4) A system of magic which is in any way, shape or form, incompatible with Hellenismos' beliefs or practices.

Since this is a hotly debated issue in the Hellenismos community these days, I figured that this resource is needed, and I intend to put a lot of the fears (many of them quite justified) to rest.
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