The Apollonian Hermetic Maenad (kyrene) wrote in sanegreekrecons,
The Apollonian Hermetic Maenad

Greek Pagans Rile Church

Greek Pagans Rile Church

Traditional guardians of Greek society cast wary eye on modern celebrations on Mt Olympus

By Albena Shkodrova in Litohoro, Greece (BCR No 505, 05-Jul-04)

On a green meadow at the foot of Mt Olympus, famous in mythical literature as the home of the Zeus and the Hellenic gods, a group of men and women stand dressed in togas in a circle, heads covered with wreaths of leaves, right hands held up as they repeat lines in Classical Greek.

A ritual of baptism has begun, at the end of which about a dozen members of the group will formally cast aside their old Christian beliefs and accept new Hellenic, pagan names.

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