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Sane Greek Reconstructionists
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We are Hellenists who...

1) know that reconstructionism is the foundation of the practice and that academic work is not the entirety of the religion. A scholar is not necessarily a religious or even spiritual person.

2) also know in addition to the above that there was no single Greek religion, no single "correct" thought, nor such a thing as "pure Greek" religion in the ancient world. Those who want a Bible can convert to Christianity or any other religion that strictly follows a holy text.

3) understand that it is the GODS themselves who decide who follows them, who can hear them, and how they are heard, and to judge who can or can't, or to appoint people to do or not do so is arrogance. The proof of whether or not the gods speak to any one person is in the proof of their words and deeds, not in popularity contests.

4) realize that sane reconstructionism is possible without becoming either an eclectic Pagan or a New Ager, and that skepticism of others' beliefs means also being skeptical of our own and not just choosing between what we want and don't want to question.

5) comprehend that, on the note of above, we cannot pick and choose what elements we reconstruct from Greek society without also being able to pick and choose what elements of Greek religion can be practiced, such as animal/human sacrifice, sacred prostitution, or any other controversial idea in today's society. Culture and religion go hand in hand whether we wish to admit this to ourselves or not. The ancients were not perfect and neither are we; therefore we should not seek to imitate them perfectly, but to determine at great length what practices are feasible in the modern day in order to best honor and serve the gods.

6) recognize that the ancients had certain deities to whom they were particularly devoted, and this is not a modern concept, and hence having a personal experience with the gods, having patron deities, or any form of mystical experience is NOT "hubris", nor a sign that we are of "elevated status", and definitely not that we are somehow "special" but simply that we feel a connection to Hellenismos in our hearts, as ordinary human beings striving to honor and worship the gods the best way we can--from the heart, not just a book.

7) believe that ultimately the will of the gods is far stronger and more accurate than any academic text, and that the gods are far more important than Burkert, et al.

The posts in this community will NOT be friends only and will be public, because we feel that we have nothing to hide in stating our beliefs.

In the end, it's all about the gods.

If you like these thoughts, please join us here at this LJ community and if you like, subscribe to the emailing list Hellenismos-L at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hellenismos-L

What we hope to provide:

1) Intelligent discussion

2) New rituals for modern needs based on old practices

3) Sharing of academic resources, knowledge, and information

4) A place where Greek reconstructionists can come and debate new ideas in an openminded forum without fear of judgments, flame wars, or "holier-than-thou" attitudes. There are many different types of reconstructionists, and a sampling of that can be viewed on this page.

5) A place where the concepts of xenia and eusebeia are honored. No one is not invited or not welcome provided that they respect us in return. This includes people from both the recon traditionalist community, other Greek reconstructionist communities, and even Hellenists who are not even reconstructionists, but want to learn what it is about. We seek understanding and cooperation, not flame wars.

A list of useful resources:

Personal websites and organizations

Emailing lists for general discussion

Emailing lists discussing practices, resources, or specific aspects of worship

For a bigger listing, see http://kyrene.4t.com/temples.html
If you have any others that you would like to add to this list, please post them here!

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